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How to poop!

I guess you’re looking at this thinking, ‘I’ve been pooping all my life; I think I know how to do it.’ But, as someone living in the Western world, it’s likely you’re not pooping in the optimum way. You’ve probably heard before how squat toilets are actually better for you, and it’s true! Our ‘luxury’ toilets (thrones, if you will) are lovely and comfy and you can browse social media for hours without bother, but it’s actually not how we’re supposed to be positioned when we poop.

What’s this got to do with fitness though? Everything. If your insides aren’t working properly, physically, you can’t work at optimum efficiency. I recently went on a course to learn the latest all about the pelvic floor. I had signed up so I could be a fountain of knowledge for my pregnant and post natal clients, but it’s totally relevant to anyone who wants a strong core and doesn’t want to be incontinent any time soon. Or ever, really. And one of the things we discussed was how to poop without putting undue strain on the pelvic floor or any muscle in the core area.

This step-by-step guide (below) was in the handout and it’s brilliant. Follow these simple steps and it’ll change your life! Well, it’ll change your toilet habits anyway.

And (top tip) if it all seem a bit of a palarva, at the very least, just make sure your knees are higher than your hips when you sit.

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