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In suspens(ion)

It’s so good to be able to exercise with clients outdoors and today I dusted off the TRX for a spot of suspension training with one of my clients who is always up for a new challenge! Despite no jumping or intentional-cardio at all, she reported her heart rate soaring and feeling exhausted by the end! Job done. We laughed a LOT as well.

TRX (actually, mine is Auster, not TRX, but v similar) is a very clever system created by a soldier who was trying to keep fit and strong overseas with no access to a proper gym. Such a simple design lets you work your muscles in every direction with just your body weight and it is so hard! It’s not cheap, but keep an eye out for sales (got mine in Black Friday sales) or try a cheap one before investing in the plush, long-lasting version.

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