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Try something new

I am a Pilates instructor, so my core is supposedly indestructible. Hmm. Why am I aching so, so much after trying a new class this week then? My friend Ali convinced me to join her at the local park this morning for a hula hoop class and it was a blast! But it was also a real challenge on the core muscles. Somehow, within minutes, the amazing instructor had us all hula-ing like we’ve been doing it all our lives and within the hour had taught as about 5 different tricks to impress our friends! The way you move to keep the hoop up is full body – not just hips – and blimey, my core muscles knew about it! Just goes to show that mixing things up is always a good idea for overall fitness and condition, so the moral of the story is to try something new whenever you get a chance! (And if you like it, keep it up – I now own a hula hoop haha.)

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